Into The Woods Quarterly @ Holocene 05.03.12

And just like that, another Into The Woods quarterly is upon us.  This quarter the Into The Woods crew is throwing their bash over at the wonderful Holocene on May 3rd.  On the bill is Onuinu (who is rumored to have a major announcement in the works), White Fang, Grapefruit, and the Portland all-star crew of Stay Calm.  Also I must warn you in advance that DJ Secret Kebab will be the guest DJ for the evening.  I’ve never personally experienced DJ Secret Kebab, but from what I’ve seen on the twitter ticker, he’s going to be something else!

Not only are the Into The Woods peeps throwing this bash, but they will also be filming the event.  So if you are in attendance, chance are you’ll be in an Into The Woods video!

If you aren’t familiar with what Into The Woods does, they are a multimedia collaborative of some of the brightest and creative minds in Portland.  It’s a group of writers, film makers, photographers, and other creative types, that really live and breathe Portland music.  Curious about the day jobs of some of the great PDX musicians? Into The Woods has it!  Curious about what a performance inside the homes of some of your favorite Portland musicians would be like?  Into The Woods has it!  These guys and gals work tirelessly and put out great stuff.

Here’s the event page for all the details:

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